Broadway Market       Estd. 1786
Broadway Market was the first of three markets built to
accommodate the dispersed population of Baltimore’s boom
years.  The oldest existing market was called Fells Point Market
until 1797 when it was moved to the center of the street- now
called Broadway.  A two story hall was added in 1865 and
removed 100 years later.  Located in a historic district, the market
which at one time was four long sheds reaching down to the
harbor, served immigrants and sailors who inhabited Fells
Point.  Farmers came by wagon, boat and ferryboat loaded with
fruits and vegetables.  Renovations were made to the North
Shed in 1971 and to the South Shed in 1979.  In the summer of
1986, Broadway, the oldest of the existing markets, celebrated
it’s 200th anniversary.  The Broadway Market is approximately
12,375 s.f.


1640- 41 Aliceanna Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21231


Monday - Saturday
7 am -  6 pm

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Broadway Market